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Gemstone Pet Collars

I have been making healing stone jewelry for over 4 years, but only recently decided to add this new line of pet collars to my website. In my ongoing research, I kept finding a lot of references to stones that were beneficial to pets. I started a new database for pet ailments and found a source for the collars. My pet collars are different than any others I have found on the market in several ways. First, the few I found for sale were small pouches with stones in them that were to be attached to the pet's collar. Second, they were pretty generic.

Dog Healing Light Gem Stone Collar My collars are leather with holes punched in them to allow gemstone beads to be sewn on with fine wire. Just like my human jewelry, there is a questionnaire to fill out that enables me to choose stones specific for your pet's needs. They are both beautiful and functional, available in 4 different colors and sizes. The stones for pets are not the same as the ones for humans. In fact, there are stones to treat things as specific as trauma from being in a rescue shelter, puppies recently weaned, separation anxiety and surgery recovery. Dog Healing Light Gem Stone Collar

I noticed a difference in both of my miniature poodles immediately after making their collars. The older poodle exhibited more energy due to several stones I used specifically for that. I noticed the younger one was able to communicate what he wanted more effectively (e.g. when he was hungry, wanted his water bowl filled, or wanted to go outside.) I just looked at him and knew what he wanted. Hard to believe, but true.

If you are interested in a custom pet collar, please request a pet questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire also serves as an order form, so color and size requests are filled out there as well.
Below is pricing for the pet collars:

Dog Healing Light Gem Stone Collar Dog Healing Light Gem Stone Collar
Extra Small     Small     Medium     Large
$40     $42     $45     $50